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One of the SFM’s members, Mark Goujon, put out a song as inspired by its use in our community. Take a listen and if you like what you hear and want to learn more about Mark and his music, check out his website Goujon Music.

When you join SFM and become of the Tribe, you quickly learn new phrases and terminology. One of those is WAKEUP! Obviously it’s not a unique phrase by any means, and we hear or say it daily, but it has a much deeper meaning in the community. The expression has been taken to a whole other level by SFM’s co-founder Jay Kubassek to mean (and I quote him directly from his website):

“For me, the “aWAKEUPcall” is about NOT being stuck. It’s about NOT subscribing to what society has trained individuals to repeatedly do over and over again based on some mythical blueprint to what is called life. It’s about NOT being the status quo……In essence, the “aWAKEUPcall” is the choice to live an extraordinary life, and it is my contribution back to the creators; people who understand they have a bigger purpose to play, know they want more and believe they deserve it.”

And there you have it, I couldn’t have summarized it better. I assure you that when you do attend those WAKEUP calls, it’s not easy hitting that snooze button afterwards. In fact, you are confronted with asking yourself if you’re going to continue sleep walking through life or are you going to grab life by the cojones and live every moment with gusto, gratitude and giving it your all!