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It’s a phrase we have all heard before and it is powerful as it carries the message of accountability. Each one of us is responsible for exactly where we find ourselves. Yep, that’s right. Not exactly what any of us wants to hear necessarily, but it is the Truth. Yes, $#it happens, and bad things happen to good people, but it is what you do with it afterwards, what you think about it, and how you handle it that is up to you. And in that, is the message: OWN IT!

Sietske Cuhfus & pic of her boys

Sietske Cuhfus & her boys

Needless to say, when I found out that one of our own SFM Tribe members came out with her own web magazine by the same name I had to check it out. Sieske Cuhfus is a 48 year old wife and mom of two boys in the Netherlands. She tells of one night how she heard a voice whispering, “own it” and knew at that moment that was the name of her magazine had to be. It’s geared for the spiritually conscious woman who wants to develop her self-awareness, confidence, and personal power among other things. All necessary ingredients to living a life of fulfillment.

“I believe women are needed to change the world. To give our children a future in a different world. We need to become conscious and learn how to own the power within. We must rise. Break free of the old paradigm of being small. We are great. The world needs us. Our feminine qualities, our care and love, our responsibility and capacity to see things as a whole is vital to our planet.”

Her magazine is a quarterly one and in the latest issue (Own It Magazine Issue #3) she writes about how joining the SFM helped her find her voice and make the mindset shift necessary to listen to that little whisper and shout out to women around the world to own who they are and be proud of it. We are all equally proud of her and her mission to empower women to do the same!