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Pay It 4ward Marketing works closely with The Six Figure Mentors and provides like-minded individuals the necessary tools and training to market any kind of product or service online. The idea of this training is to equip you with a skillset to market anything anywhere on the internet and earn what we call ‘affiliate’ or ‘referral’ commissions while learning the skills.

Even if you have zero experience, you are never alone!  Many of our members started out totally new to the digital economy. Rest assured that you are given access to a thriving and supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs with proven success stories in a diverse range of fields and industries.  Most of our trainings are delivered personally by our top earners and this high-level masterminding and collaboration often sees new business ideas & partnerships being formed among students just like yourself.

Earn While You Learn

The SFM’s team is on-hand to help and guide you through the process, they contact your qualified prospective customers for you, and attempt to convert those qualified prospective customers into customers. Once you bring a customer into the SFM, you will receive further commissions from that customer whenever they purchase any of SFM’s other products, or any related partner products. 

You are equipped with all the education, ready made materials and a diverse range of quality products to begin implementing your new marketing skills to start generating sales. All of this is done using automated, personalized systems which you will set up in your first modules of training. It's a logical first step for any beginner to online marketing and a fantastic additional new revenue stream for existing business owners.

You’ll also benefit from the support of our friendly community platform (members across the globe learning the ropes just like you), as well as our experienced business system specialists and marketing experts – we’re always within reach to help you with your journey. At each step of your training, you’ll get the guidance, education and tools to take your mindset and business venture to the next level, giving you the momentum to begin earning online revenue as quickly as is realistically possible*. 

*We do not make unrealistic promises – individual results will vary. Please read our full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Learn How to Market Online

The SFM system is designed to teach people how to build an online business, and then how to effectively market that business to the right target audience. Throughout the process you will have access to private coaching from us, our mentors and top sellers in the company. Here’s the really cool part: If you are new to this industry, and don’t have any of your own products to promote and sell, you can learn to market The SFM’s products and services. This is how you can start earning money in the form of high commissions, while you learn the ropes of your new business!

When you get right down to it, effective marketing is nothing more than putting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Don’t have a product or service? No worries, nor do we currently. Don’t have a message? Guess what, you will if you choose to start this journey with us.

The SFM has created a complete system of education modules that are designed to be hands-on and are made available 24/7 to fit into anyone's schedule. All of the modules include the steps necessary to get started with huge amounts of training on a vast range of topics, tools and resources that enable you to build your website, follow-up email sequences, marketing campaigns and by marketing the SFM’s products and related partner products, you can potentially start to create income streams for your efforts*. 

*We do not make unrealistic promises – individual results will vary. Please read our full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

So How Does It All Work Together?

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*We do not make unrealistic promises – individual results will vary. Please read our full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

* Personal Disclaimer

No results are ever guaranteed – we only want to help and work with people who are serious about building a business of their own that fits their aim, ambition and desire. It is our goal to provide you with the necessary tools, education, and the best possible platform to start your own business.  However, starting any business is not for the faint of heart, easily disheartened, excuse-makers, blamers or quitters. As with anything in life, individual results will vary greatly according to commitment, effort, determination, hard work, mindset, ability to follow directions, and see things through. While it has been said that "anyone can do it", in reality it isn't for everyone. Please take the time to look over everything and be completely honest with yourself.

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